What’s this all about?

Put simply: Interactive science apps and explanations you can play with.

MinuteLabs.io is an extension of what MinutePhysics and MinuteEarth do, but instead of YouTube videos, it’s interactive. We want to make things you can play around with and explore.

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Get in touch

If you need to get in touch with us, you can send an email to: [email protected]. You can also send us a tweet: @minutelabsio

Who builds this stuff?

Jasper Palfree
Jasper Palfree
(Coding, Concept, Creator)
Ever Salazar
Ever Salazar
(Design, Concept)
Henry Reich
Henry Reich
(Concept, Science)

We also get great ideas and direction from the MinuteTeam:

  • David Goldenberg
  • Emily Elert
  • Alex Reich
  • Peter Reich